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When in-person help is necessary, follow all BYU COVID policies when visiting our offices.

Verifying Your High School Transcript

Admitted students are required to submit an official high school transcript. This process validates self-reported grades on the admission application.

Submitting Your Official High School Transcript

During the application process, you may have self-reported your high school work. Before you can register for classes, BYU must receive your official high school transcript and validate that you self-reported your high school work accurately. There will be a registration hold on your account until this process is complete. If your transcript does not match the grades you self-reported in the application your offer of admission may be rescinded.

If during the application process your transcripts were sent through one of the following methods, you are not required to send in additional documents:

  • Electronically using a Utah SSID (State Student Identification)
  • International high school or secondary education documents sent through IERF or WES

Transcripts sent prior to decisions being announced may not be valid. If we request a transcript, you will need to send it. Submit your official transcript:

           CES Admission Processing
           A-41 ASB
           Provo, UT 84602

International Students

If your high school or secondary education was all international and you submitted your high school transcript through IERF or WES for evaluation, then you do not need to submit another transcript. The registration holds on your record will be removed as you submit the mandatory enrollment requirements (i.e. Obtain a Form I-20).

If you self-reported any U.S. accredited work while applying, then you need to submit an official transcript and validate that you self-reported grades correctly.